Alkhunaizi Law Firm is committed to providing clients with the best legal representation by an attorney. We approach every project with a focus on professional quality service, timely cost effective representation, honesty, integrity, and zealousness.

Cost Effective Representation
Our firm understands that one of the important consideration in hiring an attorney is cost, and that time and money are key resources that must be preserved during the legal process.  We value our clients' resources, and will work diligently to determine cost effective solutions for our clients while taking care to ensure that fees and time are used wisely.

Our firm is honest with its clients.  This means that clients will be provided with the information they need to make informed decisions to achieve their goals, rather than being told what they want to hear.  Clients are provided with a perspective of their case and potential outcomes.  

Professional Integrity  
 Our firm believes in exemplary ethical conduct that promotes a respect for the law and processes of the legal system.  Our firm will exhibit good character by showing good judgment, acting with character, and exhibiting fidelity, honesty, and civility.

Long Term Approach
Our firm focuses on the significant, underlying issues in order to ensure that we assist our clients in finding solutions that are lasting.  Though our firm would like to maintain a long-lasting relationship with our clients, it is important to our firm to provide our clients with long-term resolutions to their problems, rather that short term solutions that require future litigation.

Goal Focused 
Individuals have specific needs, wants, and outcomes that they expect to be fulfilled when they seek the representation of an attorney.  Our firm will work with our clients to determine and clarify goals in order to enable our firm to meet the expectations of our clients.

It is important for our firm to meet the needs of our clients. We will discuss all possible options for resolution of our clients' legal matters and provide a variety of methods for resolution. We seek to do what is best for our clients, including going beyond the standard approach or response.

Client Involvement
Our firm wants and expects our clients to take an active role in their cases. We will listen to our clients to allow our firm to learn about them, their situation, and their expectations for the future. We believe that it is important to fully understand the client's point-of-view. We emphasize the freedom of our clients to make determinations in their case.

Though we assist clients in discovering a wide range of options in handling their legal matter, our firm will provide clients with realistic options and outcomes. We will also assist clients in focusing on their goals while understanding the "big picture" regarding their legal matter. We help clients evaluate the practical and legal risks associated with litigation in order to allow for fully educated decisions to be made.

Willing Advocacy with Results
Many disputes can and should settle, and the client is better served by a reasonable settlement. If the matter cannot be settled out of the courtroom, our firm is willing to go to court. We handle every case, from day one, with the goal of winning in court, and this ensures that we achieve the best results for our clients. Whether we are providing advice before any problem has arisen, negotiating at the bargaining table, or fighting for our clients in court, we take a smart, aggressive approach that considers our clients' needs, the practicalities of their legal problem, and the possibility that decisions made today will affect what happens at the conclusion of the case.