Intellectual Property

Alkhunaizi Law Firm provides enforcement advisory and legal services for intellectual property. We provide IP solutions for businesses in Saudi Arabia and around the world. Also, our lawyers offer technical and legal expertise with convenient access to the extensive legal and government and academic resources in Saudi Arabia.

Our and our associates intellectual property lawyers are available for consultation on issues related to intellectual property, from acquisition of patents and trademarks, to evaluation of third party IP rights and infringement, to obtaining IP licenses, to assessing mergers and acquisitions, to deciding whether to proceed with litigation. If litigation is inevitable, we act aggressively to achieve our clients' objectives.

We assist clients in developing a comprehensive intellectual property portfolio to successfully maintain and enhance their competitive position within the marketplace. Through monitoring and evaluating competition, as well as detecting relevant technology trends, we can provide the information needed to make critical decisions and command the leading edge. Through careful coordination with our clients' management team, we aid in objectively valuating intellectual property such as patents, trademarks and copyrights and we structure licenses to achieve the most beneficial business terms. When unavoidable controversies arise, we promote a frank assessment of the tradeoffs associated with settlement while examining all of the alternatives.

Alkhunaizi Law Firm has examined the local and regional competitors' patent work to get a better understanding of how we can help our clients.